Alux Restaurant y Cavern

Secrets about a mayan legend

The Aluxes, mystical Mayan elves

Supernatural entities that the Mayas asked the gods, blessed with powers to safeguard and protect the sacred sites and mountains, ensure with their intervention the achievement of a bountiful harvest and scare off intruders.

Stories and legendary tales are part of the world and life, closely linked to domestic, agricultural and sacred practices, which are expressed in ceremonias and rituals. That means we are dealing with religious forms that fall in to a worldview that has a significant influence on the Maya peaseant daily life.

In the Yucatán Peninsula, at night, when men give themselves to sleep there are creatures that come into the world. The Aluxes sprout in the moonlight. Few people see them, because they are agile, light and mischievous. Their life is a continuous play.

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